Therapy—Chiropractic in Coolangatta, QLD

Your First Visit

When you arrive at our clinic you will be greeted by our lovely Chiropractic Assistants (Angels) and asked to fill out a form outlining some important information including why you have come to the clinic and your medical history. (If you haven’t already done so online)

From there your Chiropractor will welcome you into one of the consultation rooms to talk to you about your reasons for attending and how they may be able to help you.

Our aim on your first visit is to meet and connect with you, listen to everything you have to say and work out whether we can help you, or alternately refer you to someone who can. Our personal promise to you is to listen to everything you have to say, and speak honestly and compassionately to you in order to help you overcome your issues.

Providing we feel we can help, your Chiropractor will take a thorough history and perform an examination including muscle testing, postural check, palpation, orthopaedic testing, and neurological testing in order to search for the root cause of your problem. You will be informed all along the way about what we are checking for and what we are finding.

The initial consultation is divided into two appointments, on the second appointment your practitioner will discuss with you exactly what has been identified and create with you a clear structured plan to achieve your goals. We will then set out on a course for correction beginning on that visit with your first adjustment, with your consent.

Your practitioner will tailor the techniques used to your unique needs and will always respect your wishes regarding your preferences.

Initial and recommendation/first adjustment visits are 30mins each. Each subsequent visit will be 15mins thereafter, unless you opt for long care visits.

Fee Schedule

Initial Consultation / New Patients:

$90 Adult 

$80 Pensioner/Student

$80 Child (16 years and under)


General Consultations:

$70 Adults

$60 Child (16 years and under) and Pensioners


Kinesiology and Bio-Resonance with Michael

$145 – 1hr Appointment


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