What is pain

What is Pain?

What is pain? Why is it there? How do you clear it?


If you’re a human then I can guarantee you have felt pain in your life.


There’s a good chance you’re feeling pain presently too. Right now, I invite you to press into the side of your jaw fairly firmly and the top of a calf muscle in your leg. Is it sore?


The vast majority of the time it is a—yes.


Of all the things that hinder our quality of life, pain is perhaps the most significant. Let’s be honest, when it comes down to it, it sucks. It hurts and nobody wants to be in pain.


I hate it when I’m in pain. But—your life is so much more than pain!


In this article, my goal is to succinctly explain pain and how you can banish it in the short and long term!


Try pressing firmly on your jaw and see if you feel pain..

So what is pain and why do we feel it?


Well really, it is not a thing. It is a sensation that you feel.


The brain creates pain for a reason, to tell you something is wrong and not working right in your body. Apart from chronic pain which is beyond the scope of this blog, a stressor occurs to the body which sets off pain receptors in cells in that location of the body which then fire off the nerves all the way to the brain and wallah you perceive pain, or really “Ouch! That hurts!”


The irritation we referred to tends to come in the form of hard pressure activating the pain receptors or inflammation in the area.


What is inflammation? it is basically a fire burning in the tissue and is present in basically every disease or health disorder you can think of. Where there is disease there is usually inflammation.


So really pain is a warning light, like you get on your car dashboard. This is why we should pay attention to it and not pretend it isn’t there and just live with it.


How do we get rid of pain? We get rid of inflammation…. How do we get rid of inflammation? We take away the stressor that is causing inflammation and the body repairs with a bit of support. These stressors can be physical, mental/emotional, energetic, or biochemical.


Managing pain and inflammation is one of the focuses of our practice. Our mission is to find the stressor that is causing your inflammation, which is in turn causing your pain. From there we make corrections to the body to take the pressure off the area, soothe it and help you remove any other factors/causes that may be triggering the inflammation.


This is why we use an integrative approach with a range of techniques such as Kinesiology to go the extra mile in comparison to many other chiropractors and therapists.

Living with pain is not fun and it doesn’t need to be this way.


Sometimes just making an adjustment to take the pressure off, isn’t enough. We have to address the underlying cause that could be coming from other stressors on our bodies.


Listen to your body, it’s the only one you’ve got. What is it saying to you? Does it need a pitstop to have a service during this journey of life? What greater investment can you make in your life than yourself, this includes your body.


To you living a long, happy, and healthy life


Dr Adam

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