The big idea and simple key to wellbeing

Our big idea! The simple key to wellbeing- living a pain free and energetic happy life.


What really creates a body that functions free of pain, full of energy and with happy and balanced emotional and mental health? What is the absolute foundational core thing that sets the conditions for you and your body to move through life in this way?


  • Is it diet?
  • Is it exercise?
  • Is it going to bed on time?
  • Is it making good choices?
  • Is it taking the latest “super” supplements that everyone is talking about?


Well, yeah and nah!

Does your brain “think” you are being chased by a tiger?

These factors are really important as you already know but to be honest what we have come to know here at Lifeforce with our combined 50+ years of study and clinical experience is that there is “One system to rule them all!”. There is one pattern that is exhibited in and linked with pretty much all people who are suffering with fatigue, aches and pains, unhappiness, gut issues, hormonal issues and just about anything else you can think of. 


So what is this big idea???


What is the one system to rule them all???


Well you see, your nervous system governs all functions in the body!

It organises your organs to work, your muscles to move, it perceives reality through your senses and elicits a response to the environment that it thinks is the most appropriate to survive and ideally thrive.  So is it possible this system can get “stuffed up?” Of course! Guess what our aim is at Lifeforce?


Let’s get this system working appropriately!


When we suffer trauma/stress of any kind: physical, emotional, mental, biochemical (ie infection, toxin…) the brain must respond in order for us to survive and adapt. It remembers everything even if you don’t consciously.  The old saying once bitten twice shy is true for our brain. Its goal is to survive so when it “learns” about a particular danger through experience it doesn’t forget and it says “Next time I’ll be ready!”.


So what does that mean?? It means it goes into a short term stress response pattern also known as the fight flight response. This response puts the body in a certain posture ready to stand and fight or flee, it creates a certain biochemical situation where stress chemicals are made and released and other chemicals for repair and maintenance are ceased.  Blood goes to the primitive monkey part of the brain not the cortex so you stop making high level thinking decisions and instead become more primitive in thoughts and actions.


This is needed and certainly was in primitive times however how often do you actually have a life-threatening situation now?  And how often do you have a stressor that is small, but the brain perceives it to be big and kicks of the response??


Well in our busy modern day lives, HEAPS!


 GUESS WHAT!!! This is the disease of our modern day world!


We are “stuck”, or should I say our brain and nervous system are “stuck” too much in survival mode thinking a sabre tooth tiger is about to attack us thus creating a stress response that was designed to keep us alive for the next 5 minutes rather than digest lunch and repair our bodies etc…


So what happens when you’re in this “mode” neurologically too much?  Well it’s obvious when you think about it… Your body breaks down!!!


How could this look?

  • Pain
  • Immune system
  • Anxiousness
  • Poor sleep
  • Tight calves, hamstring, forearms, neck, jaw and a weak pelvic floor (fight/flight posture)
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Gut issues
  • Fatigue and early aging
  • Mental health challenges
  • Anger
  • Eye sight issues
  • Headaches


It is so simple when you think about it. How do you self-heal and regulate your body if it is frequently going into fight/flight??? You can’t!

Stop the fight or flight response for a healthier you and improved wellbeing.


Our approach here at Lifeforce, is to negotiate a peace treaty in your nervous system so that it settles down and goes into healing mode and out of the over activated stress response so that it can heal itself. This is how we are made.


Our methods are aimed at this simple fact.


We use a mixture of techniques that are founded in chiropractic/kinesiology that clear the neurological imbalance/interference and restore the body’s alignment and movement in relation to gravity.  These techniques gets your brain out of survival mode and into healing mode, thus homeostatis. For further information about this check out our techniques page.

Get this right first and all other things you are doing will then come into alignment and you can achieve the results and state of wellbeing you so wish for and absolutely deserve!


Happy nervous system= Happy life. It’s time to let your brain know there is no tiger after you.


We look forward to seeing you and serving you up with a software upgrade soon.


Your best friends in Health.


Adam, Kayli, Michael and the team at Lifeforce Chiro Cooly.

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