The 2nd Key to Vitality

We are discussing the pillars to good health in our current blogs! Today we are going to cover our second pillar…


An organised, stable and functional body!


This includes posture and alignment along with movement patterns and muscle stability. It also includes the primary physiological systems of the body: digestion, endocrine, reproductive, immune and of course adaptation to stress.


The overall philosophical approach to health is simple in nature:

  • A body must have adequate energy to carry out its functions and repair
  • Must be organised to carry out all functions correctly.
  • Must operate in a certain chemistry range (hint hint this might just be our next blog J)


Does this make sense? If these things are correct in a body, then it will repair itself and thrive!


Recently we discussed the 1st pillar, which you can reread here. Everything in the universe requires energy, whether it’s a business that’s needs energy (cashflow) or a natural entity, it’s the essential key to everything. Today we are discussing the second pillar, organisation!


Our bodies must be organised to function well.  So what does this really mean?


Well, by this we mean all parts and the whole system of our bodies must work correctly in a well organised manner. For example, in order to digest well the digestive system must be organised- the stomach must do its part before the food moves to the intestine to be further processed by enzymes and bile from the pancreas and liver and then absorbed. Another example is with our physical structures; our alignment and movement patterns (e.g. walking, bending, lifting) must be organised as per our genetic design in order for our physical body to be strong, agile, pain free and to last a lifetime.


So, you may ask, what organises everything in our body? Our nervous system of course. It is the electrical messenger system that is like the grand conductor of every cell tissue and organ in your body. It instructs the movement, the digestion, the stress response etc. It makes sense that we need this system organised and sending the right signals to the body in the right way and getting the messages through!


In our practice, we aim to organise the reflex systems of the nervous system so the body can carry out its functions appropriately. This includes structural alignment and movement along with using other methods to get the body physically balanced and moving well, switched on and organised!


I truly love seeing the light switching on in peoples’ eyes when they receive an adjustment. Our treatment simply sets the conditions (organisation) for the body to be able to carry out its functions (healing) correctly so that it may repair and grow and thrive! As long as it has the energy to do so and right chemistry in addition your body will show its extraordinary healing powers!


Until the next time, I sincerely hope this information helps you to claim and maintain your wellbeing.


We are here for you


Adam, Henry & the team at Lifeforce Chiropractic Coolangatta


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