Secrets to getting the most out of your health with simplicity and the least amount of effort

Health and wellbeing means order within the body. Order is when the system and structures are operating correct. In order to have a body functioning well we need to make sure that things are in alignment and therefore it’s important we  know the basic key pillars that are the highest importance for a body to operate correctly.

My experience in practice, along with many years of research, study and experimentation have helped me discover what these pillars are for creating good health.  If we focus and prioritise getting these aspects right, then the other components will follow and things will “fall into place” so to speak.

Let’s go through the number thing we need to thrive!

What does everything in the universe need in order to function???


Energy in Motion!

Yes, we need energy to live, we need energy to carry out all functions. Thus, if we have a low energy state, not much can happen right, and that means healing and repair! When we have a high energy state our body can do everything it needs to do and have an abundance to repair itself!


Energy in the body is in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is produced in the Mitochondria of the cell. Think of these Mitochondria as little energy factories that pump out units of energy for use. So if these guys aren’t working well then guess what? neither are you!


For the “Mito” to work well we need an array of specific vitamins and minerals, hydrogen, oxygen, enzyme CoQ10 to drive the biochemical process along with fats, proteins and carbs that are the raw fuel. Toxins or pathogens (bad bugs) may interfere with this process along with a deficiency of nutrients as listed above.


Therefore, if your Mitochondria has the right conditions and right ingredients to fire then your energy will be high, and good health will follow!

Seems pretty simple right? Taking a good Mitochondria support supplement along with plenty of Hydration (water), good breathing for Oxygen and fuel from your diet, is the answer.   This also helps with cleaning out toxins and killing off bugs like parasites and viruses.

 All of the components will help you to reclaim your youthful energy levels and keep them that way so you can be one of those people everyone marvels about and comments “where does all the energy come from?”


To wrap up so you can home hack your mitochondria function:

  • Drink plenty of good quality water
  • Ensure you are getting enough B vitamins, notably B3 and B2
  • Ensure you have ample Magnesium, also Iron and overall minerals
  • Ensure you are nose breathing, and incorporate some breathwork into your life to increase oxygen
  • If you are taking Statin drugs ask your Doctor about taking enzyme CoQ10 to counter the side effects the statins have on CoQ10 production
  • Keep your body as clean of toxins and chemicals from food, air, and water, and skin contact as possible. Aim to have more leave than come in!

Of course if you want help with it, know we are here to support you all the way.

Next blog I will go through the second pillar! My goal is to give you the gold that I have spent almost 20 yrs working out in a few hundred words.

I want you to be able to put in the least amount of effort with your health and get the most amount of results!

Till the next time, I hope this has added value for you and may this help you to be happier, healthier and full of lifeforce!

Dr Adam

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