How do we get rid of your pain and how do we keep it from coming back?

Have you recently felt pain? Getting rid of pain and keeping it from coming back is our purpose here at Lifeforce Chiropractic. Our number one goals is to end the suffering of all who step through our doors for care, and to help improve the quality of life our patients experience.

We can say with certainty that we get great results with pain relief, and preventing its return!

Whether it’s back pain, neck pain, headaches, arm pain, leg pain, joint pain, muscle pain, you name it, we will work on it with you.

So why is pain there and how do we effectively treat it?

The pain is generally a sign of inflammation. Inflammation is like an inferno burning in your tissues and your brain registers it as “OUCH!”. Let’s be honest it sucks. Nobody truly enjoys pain!

Let’s use a pretend case as an example of what we would do with a pain situation. John Bloggs comes in with back pain and stiffness, to which he stated he woke up with a week ago. Everything else is fine with his body.

The first thing we check is that the muscles holding up the body- i.e. muscles of legs, pelvis, trunk etc. are all working correctly and whether the legs, pelvis and spine are aligned correctly. Wherever we find muscles not switching on and off correctly we correct using our kinesiological means (basically correct them electrically- like turning the power switch on).

Wherever we find misalignment, let’s say a twisted pelvis and vertebral misalignment in the low back we use gentle chiropractic techniques to correct (varied to suit each individual). With John, even though his pain was only 1 week old, we found significant misalignment of his pelvis and lower spine along with his pelvic floor muscles and gluts (buttocks) not switched on and supporting his spine and pelvis.

These issues had perhaps taken years to build up and at a certain point the pain had begun. Thus, we would then correct his body both mechanically (like a wheel alignment) and electrically (like the auto electrician!). This then means the pressure comes off his joints and the pressure comes off his muscles. The body will once again be stable and moving well against gravity. Then, over the days, weeks and sometimes even months (in longer term conditions)- the body will repair its cells and tissues until the damage and inflammation is cleared.

In John Bloggs case, we would recommend coming in for 10,000km checkup services as the next step to make sure he doesn’t regress again in to pain and dysfunction. This approach also ensures his body does not decay faster than it should, just like a car getting serviced throughout its life to maintain optimum performance!

Sometimes pain is all around the body in many places, in these situations we look at the local pain areas as per the example above, but we also look at the global situation of the body. We look to find the overall mechanical pattern of distortion in the body and the cause of the overall “inferno” of inflammation in the body which is usually associated with a chemistry issue! More on this another time…

Are you suffering unnecessarily?

Have you previously had good results with us, but haven’t come in for a 10,000km service to ensure your pain free longevity in a while?

Do you want to feel more vibrant and stronger?


Are you putting everyone else first and not getting help and treating yourself?

We would love to support you and we want to help you?

Give us a call on 07 5599 4155 or book online at and improve your quality of life.

Dr Adam

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