Energetic or Quantum Healing using Bio-resonance

Bio-Resonance Therapy Explained


Bio-resonance therapy operates at the energetic level of the body. It works from the principle that all cells have an energy frequency and therefore can be assessed and compared to optimal healthy cells. Cells that have disrupted frequency signals are thought to be compromised in some way or “less healthy.” A bio-resonance scan is carried out using a device called a Physiospect, to conduct an energetic analysis of a whole body or specific organs or systems.


The Physiospect is a very advanced piece of technology that marries the power of information technology and electro-magnetic frequencies to create a clinical and educational tool.


It is designed to provide a Virtual evaluation of the body’s system and is intended to provide information that may be helpful in detecting health problems before they develop, working from the principles that the body is capable of healing itself, given the right conditions and support.


By understanding the state of various organs and systems within the body, corrective or preventative action can be taken to return the body to an optimal level of health.


The technology can assist in a number of ways:-



Meta Therapy


Meta therapy is a powerful function of the Physiospect. Meta therapy is where the disturbed frequency patterns are returned to the cells or organs effected in an inverted form. Thus, cancelling out the disrupted energy pattern. The system is capable of doing this many times and results can be seen in real time on the screen as energetic improvements are made.


This correction is made at the energetic blueprint level and an immediate repair is initiated in the energetic realm. What this means, is the body is now in a position to start to heal itself.


Other uses of Bio-resonance


Bio-resonance is very versatile and can be used to compare a variety of different markers and their energetic impact on the body. For example, the technology can identify allergens that have become energetic stressors. Their presence can be monitored over time as the energetic profile of an area is strengthened.


Kinesiology and Bio-resonance
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