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Our team at Lifeforce Chiropractic is committed and passionate about providing you with a caring, professional and unique health care service aimed at helping you achieve wonderful results with your health.

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Meet Our Team

Dr Adam Williams

We are not your regular Chiro. Nothing frustrates me more than people not getting results with Chiropractic care. After I completed my studies I went to the UK to practice. The approach used in that practice was very narrow in scope and not individualised care that got to the root cause of what was troubling my patients. After a year of practicing this way I returned to Australia disillusioned and almost gave up on Chiropractic. It wasn’t until I met my eventual mentor in Toowoomba that I witnessed the magic and profound healings that are possible with holistic Chiropractic care. I practiced and learnt there for years until opening my own practice in Kirra in 2011 (formerly Kirra Chiropractic, now Lifeforce Chiro). Witnessing the miracles that are possible with chiropractic care is still today my driving force for using multiple techniques and continuing to expand my knowledge and skill set to always be on the leading edge of natural health care. 

Dr. Adam Williams

Dr. Henry Loh

Hi, I’m Henry and I’m passionate about helping people live a pain free and healthy life. My fascination with healing started early, having been born in Malaysia into a Chinese family.

It was all about the Chi, or as we say here Lifeforce!


I learned from a young age about energy and how it moves in our bodies, and how it relates to our physical bodies. It is what makes all the difference to the quality of our lives. In fact, I was so fascinated with energy it led me to complete a Bachelor of Science (Physiology) which formed the basis of where I wanted to get to—Chiropractic.


My journey with Chiropractic also started early and like many practitioners ,the catalyst was me having a serious motor vehicle accident as a teenager. This created massive headaches for me, and I was introduced by a friend, to the healing benefits of chiropractic as the result. Totally life changing for the better!


Not only did the headaches go away, I felt more energetic and I was able to focus. All that because chiropractic adjustments removed subluxations to the nervous system and my body was able to function and perform better. Without much delay, I enrolled into New Zealand College of Chiropractic shortly after I graduated from university. There was no decision for me. It was exactly the career I wanted.


Since 2013, I too, now have the privilege and the satisfaction of being the practitioner that changes peoples’ lives for the better—one adjustment at a time.


Prior to starting at LifeForce Chiropractic I was fortunate enough to be working alongside a physiotherapist and acupuncturist in Auckland, managing injuries to spine and extremities. In practice, I treated a lot of mums and babies for wellness care before and after birth. 


I am drawn to LifeForce Chiropractic because of Dr. Adam and the teams’ holistic approach to health, utilising different techniques and methods. In fact, I felt so at home with this approach I moved my wife and young children from New Zealand, to the Gold Coast.


The holistic approach we practice at LifeForce aligns very well with my fusion of eastern and western medical philosophies. I am very happy to be part of the Lifeforce Chiropractic team and I look forward to helping you achieve your personal health goal.

Henry Loh (Chiropractor)

Henry 1

Michael Button

I began my journey into healing and wellbeing in 1993 after a debilitating injury to my lower back. I tried many conventional methods with little or no relief. A friend of mine suggested I see a Kinesiologist, after a little explanation I agreed, and this decision has changed my life forever.


On my first visit, I could hardly walk. The kinesiologist moved my arms and legs into different positions then applied light pressure to assess where energy levels were out of balance. I was amazed that energy was restored to the muscles by holding and rubbing points with emotional clearing.


I was almost in disbelief as I walked out of his clinic pain-free!


This wasn’t the only thing that was troubling me at this time. I had been experiencing all the symptoms of mercury toxicity which impacted my quality of life in a very negative way. This all changed for the better, with amalgam removal, the support of Kinesiology and a computerised energy healing program called the LISTEN. This was my first encounter with a Bio-Resonance device and I was truly amazed at the healing achieved within myself. In fact, I was so impressed with the healing I achieved, I made a decision to purchase one.


 After my initial experience with Kinesiology, I went on to study this incredible healing system. This was the beginning of my journey of training, teaching and practising kinesiology all around the world. Specifically, in the area of Touch for Health where I rose to become an instructor.


Over the years I have combined by kinesiology skills and the technological support of bio-resonance to help so many people. There is nothing quite like seeing people achieve amazing results and transform their health.


In 2017 I had the good fortune to acquire the latest bio-resonance cutting-edge technology called the PHYSIOSPECT.  The technology is brilliant for pinpointing energy imbalances and harmonizing again to return the body to an optimum frequency. Therefore, supporting the bodies’ inherent ability to heal from within.


It’s been a joy and privilege over the last 25 year to support people from all walks of life in their healing journey with both kinesiology and bio-resonance. I’d love to help you as well.

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